Little tip on organizing font inventory

I was recently on Veer’s site watching their Go Wild with Opentype short animated film, when I scrolled down to where they list their fonts by style. Nothing significant about it, except it looked very nice and also provided me with a good starting point for organizing all of the fonts I’ve acquired over the years. This isn’t a creative breakthrough. But for someone like me, who is an indecisive scatterbrain, but also thrives on order and organization, I never┬áreally knew where to start when it came to organizing my typefaces. Unless the name of the font is an indication of it’s family, alphabetical classification is not an efficient method of searching for them in a pinch. Part of it was also the fact that there are so many to look at and a lot of them fall into multiple categories. Simple as it may be, I think this little diagram may solve a problem for me.