Zombie in 20 minutes

As a  follow-up to my post from October 5th when I attended the New jersey Zombie Walk, I wanted to post a few pics from when I had again went into zombie mode for my company’s informal Halloween party. On this occasion, I had way less time, but still managed to make a pretty convincing zombie, even without the contacts.

It took me 20 minutes in the bathroom, some fake blood, cotton balls and latex to turn into this

First phase of zombie makeup, with latex, cotton balls and fake blood

It took me another hour or so just to get the contacts in

Second phase of zombie makeup, with more latex, cotton balls and fake blood and contacts

Which is why I opt for glasses 

Final phase of zombie makeup, this time with my reading glasses and fake teeth


Cakes: Stomach-sized art

I posted an entry a while ago about business cards, and how they’ve become so creative and inventive that they’re almost like little pieces of portable art. Well, cakes are no different. Pastry chefs have taken cake baking, or, now as it’s called, cake art, to a whole new level.

Although it isn’t quite Halloween yet, I can’t help but feel some excitement for all that comes with the changing seasons. Here are a few cakes that would make great Halloween decorations all their own.