Freelancer’s Toolbox: Hours Lapsed Calculator

As a freelancer, or anyone that has to keep time manually, there is one thing I find really annoying about the entire process – tallying up my hours. It seems like such a simple task, which it is, but I often find myself sitting at my desk counting on my fingers, writing down the time I came in and the time I left, accounting for my time out to lunch, and then realizing I made a mistake and having to start all over. In theory, it shouldn’t take much time – it’s simple addition and subtraction, but even that little amount of time frustrates me. I think it’s the AM/PM difference and the .75, .25 and .50 intervals that irk me. So, call me lazy or what have you, but after a few weeks of doing this, I realized that surely someone must have created some type of program that easily calculates lapsed time from AM to PM. I came across a bunch and finally found the most simplest one. The website is called Calculator Soup. The real benefit if having this isn’t that it does all the work for me so I don’t have to think. It helps me double check my calucations so I don’t short myself hours, or claim I worked more than I did.

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