"Nine Fourteen" short film from Carolyn Bevacqua

This short film, by Carolyn Bevacqua, is worth checking out for a number of reasons. Most importantly – Nine Fourteen (the short film) earned Official Selection at 11 festivals around the US and won 2 awards including a Remi Award at this year’s upcoming 45th Annual Worldfest. If you like it, please consider backing the production of the Nine Fourteen feature film with a donation on

About the film:

Sharon Davis is a bipolar mother who, when faced with the idea of living alone,  cannot handle it and lands in a psychiatric ward after her youngest child leaves home to study at NYU. Faced with the ultimatum of staying inpatient or finding a caretaker to live with her, Sharon makes the desperate decision of calling upon her estranged son, Brian, who left home when he was 17 to become a rock star.

Lost, and the victim of betrayal in his own life, Brian grudgingly agrees to come home and care for his mother but for a fee. Two perfect strangers, both at their worst, are forced to come together in this story of utter humanity. As rock star and mental patient are transformed into friend and foe, mother and son and then back to perfect strangers. Nine Fourteen is a journey from lost to found in the quest for eternal freedom from ourselves.

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