I’m a registered trademark

My last name, Maganza, is not a very common one.  The name originated in Italy, Sicily, I believe, so naturally, it’s much more prevalent there. Here – not as much. Through my brief, less-than extensive, genealogy search, I have made the assumption (be it correct or not), that all Maganzas in the U.S. are related.

So, I was really surprised when I came across a website offering a product that not only has my surname, but is also extremely closely related to my profession (digital art director). Maganza Digital Publishing Solutions is designed by a German-based company called Onlinelib, and is composed of 3 elements: Maganza InDesign Plugins, Maganza Art Director (my personal fav) and Maganza iPad Reader.

I’m aware of there being Italian artists with the name Maganza (Alessandro Maganza [deceased] and Adrian Maganza) – perhaps it was inspired by one of them. Either way, I thought it was cool seeing my name that big on a website (other than my own).

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