I don’t want to say I am a full-fledged conspiracy theorist because that, to me, implies a lot of different things, some of which would not apply to me. However, I am one to question anything I find either plausible or doubtful, whether or not it’s in my best interest.

The other day, I was watching the Beyonce Run the World (Girls) live Billboard 2011 performance on Youtube. After the video ended, I scrolled down to see the comments left by other viewers. One especially caught my attention because it took a completely different take on the video than I would have imagined. The user pointed out that throughout her performance there was imagery of Illuminati (the proclaimed elite group of people who really do run the world….The Masons….New World Order…The All-Seeing Eye on the back of a US Dollar bill). I didn’t bother watching the entire video again, because I could speculate for hours as to whether or not his/her claims were credible. What I did find interesting, however, was something I saw when I clicked through to the their profile page.

I scanned their posts and found one that caught my eye. It said that if you type Illuminati backwards into your web browser and add .com (, you’ll be taken to a US Gov’t website. It seemed almost humorous that, if the Illuminati did exist, it wouldn’t make itself so visible as to direct that URL to their site. But, a simple experiment proved to support this claim. Typing will take you to the United States NSA (National Security Agency).

But it doesn’t end there. I decided to see what would happen if I changed the extension from .com to something else. Below is what I found. I did the top 10 or so domains listed on GoDaddy. There are tons more, but I didn’t test them all. If you find any new ones – let me know and I’ll add it to this list. NSA ( NSA ( does not exist The White House ( Australian Politics ( The domain is owned through GoDaddy but no content exists Edmonton Freemasons | Empire Lodge No. 63  (

2 thoughts on “Illuminati”

  1. Hi, i did some looking up and found this info:
    This bares repeating:
    It’s a simple redirect. Nothing mysterious. It’s hosted on Godaddy in Scottsdale, AZ. Owned by a guy that lives in Utah.
    John Fenley
    1985N 360E
    Provo, Utah 84604-1803
    United States
    Administrative Contact:
    Fenley, John
    1985N 360E
    Provo, Utah 84604-1803
    United States

    from a blog:
    Subject: RE: ITANIMULLI.COM just some questions i have

    From: John Fenley (Add as Preferred Sender)

    Date: Sun, Dec 20, 2009 1:33 am

    I decided to forward the domain domain to the NSA as a joke… kind of like a rickroll + shock site. I registered the website years ago precisely because it does spell Illuminati backwards, but didn’t really do anything with it for a long time. When I had the idea to forward the domain to the NSA I couldn’t pass it up, and couldn’t stop laughing…

    I don’t believe that the Illuminati actually exists, and only one black helicopter has ever buzzed my house (that’s a whole other story). I’m not sure what the New World Order Plan is, but if you have more information, I’ll gladly tell you what I think of it.

    I am not an employee of the NSA or DARPA, though I have participated in several DARPA contests including the 2 Grand Challenges, the Urban Challenge and the recent Network Challenge.

    Thanks for your interest,
    John Fenley

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