Lesson learned from Twitter

twitter bird sitting on wildfire logo

Like many today, I sometimes want to share bits of information immediately with others. If I come across a great article or some useful piece of knowledge, I like being able to disperse it to those that may find it of interest. However, I can’t find a good reason to join Twitter (at least not at this time), other than to follow people/companies. Yet, aside from the coupons and discounts that companies do offer, it just hasn’t been enough for me. Up until now, I couldn’t find a rewarding enough reason for it.

Today, I saw a “404 page not found” message on a Facebook fan page I was an administrator of.  It was a fan-gating app/tab served up by Wildfire (@wildfireapp) – they’re a company  that helps businesses easily build & launch social media marketing campaigns. At first I thought it was something on my end, but then I realized it was a server problem. I Googled the error message and searched for any notices posted today about this technical issue. I couldn’t find anything, but I did see that in the search results for Wildfire there was a link to their Twitter page. I knew that if there were any updates on technical issues they were having it would be on there. Sure enough, there were. And I was quite impressed, too. Whoever was manning their Twitter account was doing a great job of keeping up on every single tweet and re-tweets coming in about an issue. Although it did take half the business day to get it straightened out, my kudos to them for the outstanding communication to their customers and their sincere apologies on the matter.

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