Happy Holidays!

Depending on whom you ask, there is conceivably a holiday taking place every single day of the year. Just think of all the money companies are losing for ignoring holidays like Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (celebrated July 27th, by both the left and right leg). Or even the entire month of July, which, by some unknown body is deemed National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Perhaps all that’s needed is a movie or celebrity endorsement to get the ball rolling. For example, let’s say the movie Armageddon had opened up on April 6th, Plan Your Epitaph Day. I’m sure that would do wonders for all types of businesses. Cake shops could make fondant covered headstones in the season’s trendiest colors complete with edible rhinestones. Or, in the same vain as The International Star Registry, starting at just $14.95, you could thoughtfully name a headstone after someone whom you love dearly (to give all of those John and Jane Does with nameless plots a real identity).

Understandably, not all of these ‘holidays’ have concrete origins. So as not to over shadow the more legitimate-sounding holidays, here are 12 more semi-believable (or not) ones that perhaps we should consider observing next year:

  • Play God Day (January 9, 2011)
  • Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor Day (February 7, 2011)
  • Smoke and Mirrors Day (March 29, 2011)
  • Russian Cosmonaut Day (April 12, 2011) – This day was decreed by the USSR’s Supreme Council on April 9th, 1962, after Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space on April 12, 1961 aboard Vostok 1
  • Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9, 2011)
  • International Panic Day (June 18, 2011)
  • Ratcatcher’s Day (July 22, 2011) Origin relates to the Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • More Herbs, Less Salt Day (August 29, 2011)
  • Defy Superstition Day (September 13, 2011)  I’m sure this is especially orthodox when it lands on a Friday
  • Moldy Cheese Day (October 9, 2011)
  • False Confession Day (November 21, 2011)
  • Put on your own Shoes Day (December 6, 2011)

For more bizarre holidays, take a trip here.

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