I’m with Phil

Normally, when I go on AOL to check my email (I am still one of that dying species which uses it), I get sidetracked by their news/entertainment snippets, like urlesque and You’ve Got.  Today was one of these days. I clicked a link for an unrelated video, which proceeded with a You’ve Go snippet that caught my attention. As a result of the devastation caused by a tornado that hit down in Phil Campbell, Alabama this past April [2011], an AOL employee named Phil Campbell from Brooklyn, NY decided that he, and Phil Campbells around the world, needed to come together and help the people of this town. The initiative was aptly named I’m with Phil.

I think I was initially interested because the guy was from Brooklyn, which would naturally get my attention. But the story stretches much further than that. Nineteen men (and 1 woman named Phyllis) from Australia and the UK joined together for this effort, all because of the commonality of their name.

AOL video - You've Got Phil Campbell

You can watch the video by clicking on the above image or right here.

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