thumbnails of food imagery

gas·tron·o·my noun \-mē\

: the art or science of good eating
: culinary customs or style

The number of times I saw this word used in Europe over the course of 4 weeks: At least 7

The number of times I saw this word used in the U.S. over the course of my entire life: Maybe once

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that the word gastronomy sounds somewhat snobbish, reserved for high-end, reservation-only establishments. What’s the need to seem so intellectual when it comes to food? Afterall, [Food Network’s show] Good Eats sounds more tangible and interesting than Gastronomy, (even though the show does do a successful job of delving into the ‘science’ of good eating.) But I realize now that what may seem pretentious here in the states is the norm in Europe. Over there, I’ve seen the term refer to anything from sweets sold at a small shop to pinxtos (‘tapas’ in Basque) served at  four-star restaurants. We might love our food here, but there, they really love their food. It’s their way of life. A reason to get together and celebrate And when you go there, it’s impossible not to feel the same way.

Whenever I ate something that I really wanted to remember, I took a photo of it. Now, when I look back at all of those pictures, I can recall the salivary anticipation and almost remember how it tasted.

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