Ducking iPhone autocorrect

Just a few days ago, I became so annoyed with the iPhone’s autocorrection feature that I decided to Google the issue I was having to see if anyone else shared in my frustration. I knew someone out there was having all of their ‘me’s turned into ‘mr’s and needed to know how to stop it from happening. Or , the bigger question, find out why it was happening. Turns out, there were a bunch of posts about this very subject, but none really answered my question. I like the autocorrection in most cases, and I use the spelling feature as well. I just couldn’t understand why they kept changing ‘me’ to ‘mr’ and there didn’t seem to be a clear cut remedy to fix it.

Fastforward to today. My friend sends me a link to this site: I’ve gone through 5 pages of posts and have yet to see the issue ‘me’ was having. But it is definitely good for a few laughs.

But if anyone have a solution to fix this problem – please share it with me!

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