Business Cards: Pocket-sized art

collage of business cards

I’ve always had an affinity for well-designed small packages. If I see something I like, I’ll buy it, even if it’ll never be of use. I’ve bought/collected candy, cards, cigarettes, condoms and [almost a set of] knives just because the package was perfectly designed with the product in mind. I think it’s the combination of paper/texture and typography that I really enjoy ogling over. And the fact that it’s pocket-sized, or close to it, makes it feel like a piece of art that I can add to my collection.

Something less obvious, but equally appealing are business cards. These little pieces of  identification have become so much more interesting than just a boring name and contact info. They’ve become functional pieces, some of which even have  entertainment value. I think Vistaprint really started to get people involved in and excited over creating their business cards. Sites, such as Moo, took that a little further by offering complimentary products like minicards, stickers and even gifts. But when you understand just how important a business card is, you realize that there are tons of possibilities to make them more than just a 4 sided piece of paper with ink.

Cardonizer is a site solely focused on unique, unusual or just plain interesting business cards from all around the world. There’s as much inspiration as there is eye candy. Slodive is a design blog with a showcases of the “50 Business Card Designs that Break the Mold.” There are tons of other sites, but these are good starting points for viewing an impressive collection.




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