Chick Corea

In belated honor of fellow jazz great, Dizzy Gillepsie’s birthday, I thought I’d post a pic from a Chick Corea show a few weeks back at the Highline Ballroom. (I didn’t check my camera before I went to realize that it wasn’t working so I was only able to get a shot with my phone from the back).

Chick Corea and wife Gayle at the Highline Ballroom in NYC

The Chick Corea trio consisted of himself, Christian McBride on bass and Brian Blade on drums. I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t really follow Chick Corea. I know he’s been on albums with Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, but as a pianist I’m not too familiar with his newer music.  I might even be one of those people who say they like the ‘old Chick,’ the same way others say they like the ‘old Miles’, before fusion and funk. Either way, I am smart enough to know that he is one of the last living jazz legends and worth seeing if you have the chance. He’s had such a successful career that it’s like witnessing history when you see him perform, even if the players have changed.

The band played mostly new music, which I hadn’t heard before, but really enjoyed. He saved the best for last when his wife Gayle came on stage to sing “You’re Everything.” At the time she walked on I didn’t know she was a singer, but it was obvious she was when she opened her mouth. She has a very light voice that that seemed to float on top of the instruments. It was a really good ending.

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