Mackinac Island

A panoramic view of Lake Huron from Mackinaw Island, Michigan

I haven’t posted any new blogs for a while and I thought I’d recommence with a trip I recently took to Mackinac Island, MI (pronounced MAK-in-aw). The Island, which is located off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has banned motorized vehicles for the past century; most everything is moved by horse-drawn carriage. The people are middle class, down to earth and very friendly. It’s a welcoming place.

The only way on and off the Island is through a ferry – except in the winter when the residents use snowmobiles to travel on the Ice Bridge over Lake Huron. The life of a Mackinac resident is pretty interesting. The local school sells a little pamphlet entitled We Live on Mackinac; you can purchase it for 2.50. It’s a nice little souvenir, and a good way to support the school.

Besides having the most perfect weather you could ask for, the Island was absolutely beautiful. The water, Lake Huron, was crystal clear – that turquoise color you see in the Caribbean). Being from the Northeast, I had never heard of Mackinac, and when I went there I was in for a total surprise. I had gone before the summer rush, so it was fairly empty, which is how I like it. I rented a bike and rode along the coast of the Island, made sure to buy some delicious fudge and did a lot of shopping.

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