GIFs are the new Flash

Okay, so maybe GIFS aren’t exactly the new Flash. But if there is an art of simplicity, and it is cool, this site definitely achieves it. It finally gives animated GIFs back their purpose (if even only on this website).

GIF animations, which are still frames compiled together to create an animation, used to be easily made in Photoshop. (They’re kind of like electronic flip books.) And because they were so easy to make, people, including myself, started to think that it was okay to use GIF animations as Flash backup animations (ie: when a user doesn’t have flash installed). Soon did I learn, however, that trying to simulate a Flash animation using still frames was not the best use of a GIF.

I think this site does a great job of demonstrating what a GIF animation could and should be. Not to say that companies can’t use them for banner ads. I’ve seen a few that utilized the technology really well and had nice results. But this site really reinforces the simplicity of what a GIF can do. It shows complex-looking animations that probably don’t take nearly as long to create as they would in Flash.

Screen shot of 3 different 3D GIF animations

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