Find a Walkable place to live

Walk Score is a site that rates neighborhoods (currently up to about 2,500) based on their proximity to amenities (e.g: stores, places of worship, libraries, transportation), designating it either a walkable or unwalkable place to live. Only those amenities that fall within one mile of the indicated address are taken into consideration. A Walk Score of 90+ is considered a Walker’s Paradise, Anything under 24 is for those areas that are car-dependent (driving only).

I appreciate that they let you know scoring is based on proximity to amenities, and not attributed at all to aesthetics or safety. Walking in the majority of NYC’s most walkable neighborhoods during rush hour traffic isn’t what I most would call a Walker’s Paradise. It makes sense that most of the nicer neighborhoods (more trees, cleaner, safer, etc) are in the borough of Staten Island, where you need a car to get most places.

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