Sears’ ‘Torture’ campaign

I saw this banner on and was a little hesitant to click it. I quickly realized that it was for Sears’ DieHard battery. From an advertising perspective, it made me laugh. I was surprised that a company would 1) advertise their brand in such a way and 2) that they did it without their logo. When I was working on Partnership, we had done something similar for the ‘Don’t be Patsy’ campaign, using ambiguous unbranded banners as teasers to get people intrigued. But this was a little edgier, and I appreciated that. It wasn’t done just for shock value. There was a real conceptual reason for it. The banner takes you to their site,, when you can enter their DieHard Torture Labs. A place where they put DieHard batteries under extreme conditions to test their durability and reliability.

Screen shots of banner and website from Sears' DieHard Torture campaign

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