Don’t click it

Appropriately named, this website is an interface configured from rollovers. You only click once to begin your exploration of the site, everything after that is a series of rollovers. The idea is interesting because of the seamless interaction. If this were an HTML site, you may have to click 4-5 times to find the content you want. This feels like less of a journey, but a frustrating one nonetheless. However, it can become frustrating as you get deeper into the site and the menus become more nested. Someone who isn’t accustomed to navigating this way, might move their mouse too quickly and end up grazing over the content. This will start prompting various boxes to pop up and then shrink back down, overlapping each other as they do. And you’re bound to accidentally click at least once. Whether out of frustration or pure habit. Those unaccustomed will also have a tendency to click the ‘back’ button in their browser to get them to the previous menu/page. What they’ll realize is that they’ve been on the same ‘page’ the whole time, and clicking back will only send them to the previous site because Flash sites operate under one URL.

A lot of companies are becoming more sensitive to how long it takes for users to find content on their site. In the last week, I took two surveys, both of which asked how many clicks it took to find what I was looking for on their site. I don’t imagine a company like AT&T or TD Bank will be building an all Flash site anytime soon, but as this type off fluid navigation becomes more prevalent, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start turning some HTML/click navigation into flash/rollovers.

:: don’t click it ::

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